Air Conditioning

Having an annual service on your vehicle’s air con will help to prevent costly breakdowns – and a well serviced air-conditioner in your vehicle means you will use less fuel.

  • ARTIC approved repairer of automotive air-conditioning systemsAuto Air Conditioning Hervey Bay
  • Repairs and servicing of light vehicles, trucks and earthmoving equipment air- conditioning systems
  • New and retro fitting of air-conditioning systems
  • Modification of existing systems to improve performance

Just like all the other parts of your vehicle or industrial machinery, the air conditioning system has components that need to be serviced or replaced on a regular basis.

We offer air-conditioning re-gas, repair & conversion for all vehicle makes and models at highly competitive prices. We repair or supply and fit compressors, condensers, evaporators, receiver driers, accumulators and TX valves for a wide range of vehicles.

We quickly and efficiently diagnose faulty or leaky air-conditioning systems to minimise environmental effects. Using high quality electronic leak detectors is the fastest way to find most refrigerant leaks & this equipment is used after a repair & re gas for confirmation of system integrity for longer lasting and cooling efficiency in your car, 4WD, commercial vehicle, trucks or industrial and earth moving machinery.

Car Air Conditioning

We recommend cabin filters be replaced regularly and that at anytime any part of the air-conditioning system is changed or serviced, the receiver-drier or accumulator should be replaced too in order to prevent corrosion and moisture in the system (moisture combines with the refrigerant to form hydrochloric acid which is extremely corrosive to metal components and can damage other parts of the system).

Servicing typically includes checking the refrigerant gas and the filter/receiver-drier and if necessary, refilling with refrigerant. Between service visits, if you hear odd noises from your air conditioning system, find that the climate within your car is less cold than usual, or notice other signs that there may be a fault, it’s important to have the problem diagnosed and repaired without delay. Powerhouse Autotech’s qualified technicians are licensed to carry out re-gassing and repairs to auto air conditioning systems in a wide range of vehicles.